Provincetown Portraits

These pictures were all taken in the early 1990s, when after being absent from the landscape for a decade, I returned with my Rollieflex.

It was wonderful and also very sad to return. AIDS had disappeared so many of the men I had known.  I gathered friends and new acquaintances around a boat hull that the winter storms had hauled up on the bay beach.

Somehow a desk with the seat attached arrived at the scene. These are poets, writers, painters, counselors and financiers.   As I connected with them recently I heard,

“What a trip down memory lane!” 

“I didn’t know I looked that good smile emoticon.” 

I look at these portraits and think, Oh how young we were! How I miss a couple of them and how love affairs have faded. 

Michael Klein has a new book, Kenny Fries is living in Berlin, Jackie Woodson is the Young People’s Poet Laureate, Midge Battelle is in Florida, Pierre Evans in Port Townsend, Washington, Marty Epp is teaching art to kids in South Carolina.   Jimmy Rann will greet you at the Provincetown UU if you go on Sunday. 

More will be revealed as I dig through boxes of negatives and prints from the Seventies. Some of us are still here (alive and/or in Provincetown) standing in the love of those gone, keeping us ever inquisitive and searching for beauty in the Cape light.